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Kemp Recruitment Team Values
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Kemp Recruitment Values

Driving Success: The crucial role of values at Kemp Recruitment

Integrity, Passion and Knowledge

Our three values – Integrity, passion, and knowledge – form the three pillars that the Kemp Recruitment business has built its foundations on. They help us to accelerate people.

We believe that these values contribute to shaping a workforce that excels in technical expertise and also embodies the ethos needed to thrive in the commercial vehicle industry.

These values are key to defining a positive culture. We want to propel individuals forward within their career – whether that’s as an employee at Kemp Recruitment, or as a candidate hired through us for one of our clients.

In the fast-paced and dynamic world of the commercial vehicle industry, recruitment isn’t just about filling positions; it’s about helping our clients assemble teams that can navigate the twists and turns of a challenging and ever-evolving landscape.

In this context, the values of integrity, passion, and knowledge are key in determining, identifying and nurturing the talent that can drive success.


In the commercial vehicle industry, safety, compliance, and ethical standards are non-negotiable. Integrity is essential.

Prospective employees need the technical skills required for the role – but they should also demonstrate a commitment to honesty, transparency, and upholding industry regulations. During the recruitment process, assessing a candidate’s track record of ethical conduct – and their ability to uphold the values of the industry – is crucial in building a reliable workforce that makes ethical decisions even under pressure.

As one of our values, our staff must also act with integrity, doing what is right for both our clients and our candidates.


Passion is the driving force behind Kemp Recruitment – from the very beginning and the very top – when Mark Kemp founded the business in 2010, after years within the industry.

We know that when individuals align their actions with their passions, they can achieve anything. It is the secret ingredient that turns work into a labour of love and is a catalyst for success.

Recruiters and candidates with a passion for the automotive sector bring an added dimension to their roles. This enthusiasm translates into a commitment to excellence. That’s why many of staff have worked within the fields they recruit for – they know their stuff first hand and can easily spot a candidate that does too!


The commercial vehicle industry is incredibly technical and faces constant challenges and advancements. Beyond the technical skills required, a deep understanding of the industry, its regulations, and emerging technologies is essential. Many of our teams are led by people with experience within those roles themselves – or include them.

During our recruitment process, we assess a candidate’s willingness and ability to grown, learn, and acquire new knowledge – depending on the needs of a client.

This way, we ensure that our clients workforce remains agile and responsive to the industry’s ever-changing landscape, and that the candidates will be fulfilled in their new role.

Why these values matter to us

Recruitment in the commercial vehicle industry goes beyond finding candidates with the right technical skills. It’s about assembling a team whose values align with the industry’s commitment to safety, innovation, and continuous improvement.

  • Teams built on a foundation of integrity ensure that safety and compliance are ingrained in every aspect of their work.
  • Passion drives innovation and a commitment to excellence, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.
  • Knowledge equips the workforce with the tools to navigate technical aspects of the role, ensuring that the industry standards are always met.

The synergy of integrity, passion, and knowledge creates a workforce that not only meets the demands of the present but anticipates and helps shape the future. Together, these values form a holistic framework that empowers individuals to make positive contributions to their workplace.

By prioritising integrity, passion, and knowledge in the recruitment process, industry players not only secure the talent needed for success today, but they also cultivate a workforce that is poised to drive the future of mobility.

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