The Importance of Including Salaries in Job Adverts.

by | Aug 15, 2023

As recruiters we know that stating the salary is critical to the success of an advert…

And, data proves that it increases the number of applications! It’s a win-win for employers and job seekers alike.

While some employers prefer to keep salary details confidential until later stages of the hiring process, there are compelling reasons as to why including salary information in job adverts can benefit both employers and job seekers alike.

Several surveys highlight that job adverts without salaries receive far fewer applications. Jobsite reports a 25-35% a drop in candidates when they are not listed. Jobs listed with salaries get near double as many applications.

Transparency about salaries fosters a more efficient and equitable hiring process.

Being open about wage brackets is more important than ever, with the increased cost of living being a considerable factor to job seekers. Money is still the leading motivator in applying for a new role, and particularly more so in times of economic turmoil – where people weigh up the stability of staying put in their current role vs. moving to somewhere new.

In a candidate driven market (like the one we’re currently experiencing) the most important thing is to attract candidates as quickly as possible with adverts. However, that one crucial piece of information is so often omitted from a job advertisement.

Reasons to include the salary range in your job advert:

1. Job boards require salary information.

Job boards don’t allow DOE or Competitive rates as salary details, and require one of the following:

  • Starting from salary
  • Salary banding
  • Up to
  • Exact figure

2. Increased Candidate Engagement.

Would you want to apply for a new role if there was no salary in the advert? When a job advertisement includes salary information, it immediately captures the attention and interest of potential candidates. Job seekers invest significant time and effort in their job search and want to ensure their efforts align with their salary expectations. Including salary details upfront can attract more qualified candidates who are genuinely interested in the position and its associated remuneration.

3. Time and Resource Optimisation.

By including salary information in job adverts, valuable time and resources can be saved. With a clear salary range, applicants can self-select based on their own expectations and qualifications. This reduces the number of unsuitable candidates and allows recruiters to focus their attention on candidates who are more likely to accept an offer within the desired salary range. Consequently, the hiring process becomes more streamlined and efficient for both employers and job seekers.

4. Enhanced Employer Branding:

Candidates perceive companies that openly disclose salary information as more trustworthy and committed to fair practices. Such transparency can boost employer reputation and attract top talent that values open communication and fairness, ultimately fostering a strong employer brand.

5. Improved Employee Retention:

Including salary details in job adverts sets clear expectations from the beginning, leading to a higher likelihood of job acceptance and improved employee retention. When candidates have a clear understanding of the salary package before applying, they can make informed decisions regarding their suitability for the position. This transparency decreases the chances of candidates accepting job offers only to later discover that the salary does not meet their expectations, reducing turnover rates and related costs.

6. Reduced Wage Inequality:

One of the major advantages of including salaries in job adverts is its potential to mitigate wage inequality. By specifying salary ranges, employers send a powerful message that they value fairness and diversity in the workplace. This approach promotes pay equity and can help bridge the wage gap, leading to a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

In summary

We understand that current market rates are often more than existing/historical staff wages, which can cause a dilemma. Companies might not want to ‘rock the boat’ internally with current staff. However, in that instance, those employees are being underpaid and they will eventually look to leave for more money elsewhere. That is the issue that needs to be addressed above hiding the new hires salary range.

Including salary information in job adverts has become increasingly important in today’s competitive job market. The benefits of transparency in this area are substantial for both employers and job seekers – and it is necessary for posting vacancies out on jobs boards.

By embracing salary disclosure, employers can attract more qualified candidates, optimise their hiring process, enhance their employer brand, promote pay equity, and improve employee retention. Ultimately, incorporating salary information in job adverts contributes to a more efficient, equitable, and mutually beneficial hiring experience.

If your recruitment consultant asks for salary information, it is not because they want to ‘increase their commission’, it is simply because they want to help you fill your job vacancy quickly, and most suitably.

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